What to Expect


the session is booked . . . emails are sent . . . outfits and style are defined . . . a perfect location chosen . . . YOUR time is coming for your Senior Portrait Experience . . . . 

If you have scheduled Hair & Makeup, an AMAZING Hair & Makeup artist will be ready for you. You will arrive in my studio to get started. If you do not have hair & makeup scheduled, we will meet at our chosen location.

Hair & Makeup, although not required, is an ESSENTIAL part of a Premier Senior Experience. Getting your makeup & hair done not only gives you a flawless look for your portraits but it relaxes you and takes away the stress of doing it yourself. You will feel confident, relaxed and ready to ROCK your senior session. Your Hair & Makeup artist will know what looks best on you, how to apply makeup the correct way. Let's face it, curling your own hair is HARD! Let us do the hard work! Your portraits turn out fabulous when taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

You look FABULOUS . . . now what? We will head to your location and this is where the FUN really begins! (If you are not doing hair/makeup, will meet at our first location). Your session will take 2 hours. We will get through as many outfits as possible, most likely 3-4. You may be nervous, but you really don't need to be. We will walk around to different parts of the location and capture many different looks. No need to be worried about what to do, how to smile or to stand - I've got it covered! I will coach you all the way through!

Whew! That's done! I promise it will be more fun than you imagine! . . . What now? I will post a sneak peek for you on Facebook & Instagram within 24-48 hours of your session. You may see some additional peeks as I work on your gallery. We will schedule your Premier Ordering Appointment 7-10 days following your session. This is where your gallery will be PREMIERED! This is the really REALLY FUN part! You will look at product samples, view albums and choose and purchase your Collection. Once your order has been placed and all proofs have been approved . . . your custom collection will arrive within 2-3 weeks.

I can't wait for your session!